(Comments from Participants of Seminars, Workshops & Courses)

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Rob Laidlaw - Associate Pastor Ness Ave. Baptist Church, Winnipeg, MB.
"Thanks so much for presenting this seminar. The people here found it a very valuable experience...I've heard only positive feedback."

Dr. Brian Brglz - Senior Pastor The Bridge Church (CMA) - Winnipeg

"I want to thank you sincerely for the World of Addictions seminar you presented in our church. Many were thoroughly impressed with both the content of the seminar and your clear presentation of the material."

 Valerie - (The Bridge Church - CMA, Winnipeg)
"Larry Larson has a wonderful grasp of the power and destruction of addictions. As someone who is struggling with an addiction, I feel qualified to make this overview."

Peter and Margaret - (Bethlehem Aboriginal Fellowship, Winnipeg)
"We found the seminar very informative and it inspired hope in us that addictions can be conquered."

Lisa - RN, Addictions (Calvary Temple, Winnipeg)
"What I gained from this seminar is practical knowledge in a user friendly package."

Pastor Bruce Martin - (Calvary Temple, Winnipeg)
"What an encouragement for me as a pastor to see people so encouraged by your input this past Saturday. Larry you struck a cord in the heart of these folk who so desperately want to help their loved ones. Your personal testimony, clinical knowledge and spiritual passion came through powerfully. Thank you once again."

Ian Croatto - Dean of Men (Teen Challenge - Central Canada, Winnipeg)
"Thanks for taking the time to minister to the men at the centre. Your experience and knowledge, coupled with your gentle spirit, provided an environment where the men could interact and receive a word from God."

Oral Kiffiak - (Counselling Services - Providence College & Seminary)
"I really enjoyed the 21 hour course I attended. I have already begun to incorporate some of the material in my client's lives."

 David Aalhus - (PACCC Member - Manitoba)
"I appreciated the theological and psychological integrity of the materials presented in this course. It has offered a framework within which the problems of guilt and shame may be conceptualized and addressed in therapeutic practice."

Carolee Neufeld - (Living Free Ministries – Winnipeg, MB)
“Larry, it was an excellent training.  You dug deep into all the aspects of addiction and recovery.  I learned so much to integrate into my ministry.  I was thankful for your thoroughly biblical perspective.  Thanks!”

Pat (Peer Supervisor) NavCanada
"Larry is a professional when making work place presentations. He clearly understood our learning needs. Peers were able to reflect on their own life experiences and apply their experiences in supporting others. We will welcome Larry back to our work site to provide education to our team again."


Some of the Agencies and Organizations That Have Recently Benefited From These Courses

Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Services

Siloam Mission Winnipeg

WA-SAY Healing Centre

Onashowewin Inc.

Professional Association of Christian Counsellors and Psychotherapists (PACCP)

Nav Canada Winnipeg

Garden Hill First Nation

St Theresa Point First Nation

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"Freedom is about Choice and Wellness. Without choice we do not have freedom and risk descent into despair. Freedom however has two polarities. Freedom is not just the right and ability to DO something,  it is also the inalienable right and ability to NOT do something! It all hinges on our learned ability to understand what is right and good for us. Empowered and informed choices have positive consequences!" -Larry Larson-

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